Friday, September 4, 2015

[Artist Feature] Julia Fehrenbacher & Wildlight

Every month, for 1 year long, I will support an artist by promoting/buying their work. In these blogposts I will talk about my discoveries. 

Month 1 - Julia Fehrenbacher
I can't remember why I suddenly decided to support artists. I mean, you can find me in a lot of art communities so supporting each other seems rather obvious, right? However, I noticed that some people have difficulties getting all the credit they really deserve, especially about sales. Enough people who adore the work but buying it? Much less. Selling your work as an artist is difficult. I think reaching people in first place is even more difficult. I know because I'm from Europe, Belgium to be precise... the country where art journaling doesn't exist yet, it seems!


Anyway, while thinking about this idea, I saw Julia appear on my FB timeline. She was selling her books with a huge discount and a artsy friend of mine shared a wonderful review when she finished the book. I was so touched by it and decided to buy the book too. Through her Etsy shop of course because this way you support her way more than if you would buy the book at Amazon.

I send some e-mails to Julia because I had some questions about the shipping and got a fast and kind respond. My book arrived in perfect condition. Even more, she left me this note!

I gave the book a 5 stars review at Goodreads. There is nothing I don't like about the book. The art, the's very touching. You can see this book is made with love. It's so heart warming it's impossible to give critics so.. yeah, 5 stars!

Buy her book at ETSY.

Month 2 - Wildlight
I wasn't sure if music also fits my project but sure, why not? I didn't know this awesome band until I followed the Bloom True E-course by Flora Bowley. In her course Wildlight got featured multiple times and at the end of the course, I couldn't stop myself from buying the (digital) CD.

So you want to listen to this band before supporting them? I totally get that! Some of the songs can be found at Youtube. Be aware that some of them are a remix, which are actually from another CD. Below is a song from the CD 'Hers was as thunder'.

Buy the CD here.

Have you discovered some great artists lately? Feel free to share your gems in a comment below. :) 
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