Friday, December 19, 2014

[Art journal] Changing stars

This is the first page of a new art journal I've started. It's actually a children's book! I think I prefer children's books more than regular sketchbooks, for the following reasons:
  • It's much cheaper (I mean, 50 cent!)
  • Compared with regular sketchbooks, much better quality because these are made for children. Nibble resistant books can take a lot! 
  • You don't have to gesso the background. (But for the love of it, you sure can if desired)

This page is written with my left hand... if you can't read it, no worries, neither can I! The cover is also finished but I'll keep that for the next post. This book is dedicated to my dreams and goals, secrets and poems. Things I will be planning in my workbook, will flourish in this book.

Do you use your {art} journal to keep track of your dreams and goals?

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Old ways...

Quote: Anonymous
Picture: Close-up art journal page

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mail art {Received}

Some months ago Kat and I set up a new project for mail art. Some people never heard of art journaling before, nor sending mail art. Although we didn't really shared a theme, it was very obvious the pages would have a spiritual mood, since we all came from a spiritual minded community. There were people who procrastinated so much, they saw no other choice than to leave the group. I think that's a sad thing, especially when people procrastinate out of limited time (which is an illusion) or fear (even worse!). At the end, there were just 7 of us. I was the first to receive mail art and this is what I got {in close-up}:

Not on the picture: samples of mint tobacco & magnolia.

Too bad no one of the artists above has a blog or website so it would be useless to share their names here. I want to thank them all, not only for the awesome pages they have send but also for the many other swap and pay it forwards we did the past year. It's sad the community will be closed soon due some personal issues of the founder...but we all respect her decisions.

There are still pages which need to be made/shipped so we will keep contact one way or another, to keep the deal going. And who knows what will be next?
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