Friday, February 13, 2015

[Art journal] Awesome jar & Seeds of Love

I've finished 2 things last week. First of all, my awesome jar! It's inspired by Tamara Laporte's tutorial in Lifebook 2015, mixed up with some techniques of my own. I'll use this jar to keep track of all the good memories in 2015 and reread them on New Year's Eve.

Second, I finished an art journal page. This page is called "Seeds of Love", again this is from Lifebook tutorial by Tamara Laporte. Every leaf represents a loved one. Their names are written down on the leaves but I've used a little too much paint on it, so now they are hidden.

It seems very obvious, Tam is becoming one of my new favorite art journal teachers. At first I was thinking she only paints whimsi's (not true btw). And while whimsical art is not really my thing, I've learned so much the last few weeks... so yeah, actually it doesn't matter which art style you have or love, as long you have fun and learn some things, right? 

In case you think about joining Lifebook: please do! You can still sign-up if you want, there are members who are just getting started and there are no deadlines. Know that I'm a little behind too... and that's not a bad thing! If you wish to read more about Lifebook, take a look at Tam's website.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
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